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Picking The Right Wedding Makeup Vendor...

You're Engaged!!! Congratulations!! Now it is time to start picking out the people who will make or break your wedding day..

Sounds Scary.. But with a little bit of work and knowing who to pick, you can plan your wedding knowing that you are in the best hands!

1. BUDGET.. It always comes down to what your budget is. But what should makeup cost you? The Average Professional Makeup Artist should come in around $200-$350 for Bridal Makeup Services. Think about this, you want your artist to be educated, well versed, and cary the most quality products. You also want your makeup to be applied by someone who does this for a living and is dedicated to their craft. It can be risky to let a friend or someone who "loves makeup" be the person who is going to make you "look your best on your big day"... This is one of those times that you may fall into "you get what you pay for." Some things should be on your bargaining table. But your hair and your makeup are the two things besides your dress, that will define the way you look on your wedding day. So if you are not too concerned this is an area, you can save and go with an enthusiast. But if you are interested in an expert, expect to have to pay a little more.

2.TRIAL... After all of your research is done it is time to trial with your chosen makeup artist. You need to be sure that you and your makeup artist are a good fit. Picking your makeup vendor is not just about quality of work it is also personality and organization. If your makeup artist cannot remember your name or wedding date on multiple occasions, you may want to make sure they're as organized as they claim. If you are unhappy at your makeup trial, speak up! A great makeup artist will understand that this is about YOU the Bride not them, and they will work with you to make sure you look just the way you want to on your wedding day! If they're not a good fit, do not worry there are other amazing artists out there, paying for a second trial will better than being unhappy on your wedding day!

3. CONTRACT.. It is super important to protect yourself and make sure that your wedding date is booked and your deposit is safe. When you pay your makeup vendor an initial deposit you need to have a contract that legally binds them to services, so that if something on their end is broken, you will get your money returned. You have a contract with your venue, your DJ, your photographer, you definitely need one from your hair and makeup.


If you are asking "Well how do I even Start?" Referrals.. Ask your friends or friend of a friend for referrals. Search online.. Look at previous brides, Read Reviews.. And pick a handful of contenders. Reach out via email or phone. Do this with time and you won't feel too overwhelmed.

Make sure your artist travels on location or they're located near you and can accommodate the size of your bridal party.

Hair and Makeup on This Bride
Now You can Lay Back & Relax Bride!

Now you can breathe...

If you follow the guidelines you too can be as relaxed as this beautiful bride is

on your wedding day!!

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