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About De Cara

 My name is Ashley Daniela Corsello, I am the Owner and Founder of De Cara Makeup..


My Story

My career in the beauty industry came from a passion to be creative and stubborn unwillingness to conform to, what I considered, to be a "normal" work lifestyle. I had graduated college and was still yearning to be creative and connective.


stumbled upon a little Makeup Artistry class in an edgy creative "workspace" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It was instant.. I fell in love with Makeup and I knew that somehow I needed to pursue this. I took course after course and for several years I was fortunate enough to have worked along side many talented successful artists, working in every medium from fashion, to magazine, to photoshoots, video, to bridal, etc.

I consider myself the forever student, and it is because I always find the need to know more... So naturally not long after getting passionate about makeup did I fall in love with hair. So much so that I licensed myself and trained with unbelievably talented professionals...

My journey ultimately led me to exactly what I asked for... The most abnormal 24/7 work lifestyle..

Little did I know that with immeasurable support, I would be propelled into starting De Cara Makeup. 


My Background

I am a graduate of UCONN, with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences

Licensed and Certified Makeup Artist and Cosmetologist in CT and NY State. 

My Inspiration and Mission

This Company's vision is to provide beauty services with the highest standards. I wish to give all of my clients and fellow artists a pleasant environment from beginning to end. A top priority for me in this industry is to incubate, inspire and collaborate with other hard working talented artists. Together we educate, empower, and motivate each other to become better artists and better people. 

Owner and founder of De Cara

Ashley Daniela

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